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Milk Paint: Meet Endless Possibilities  

We’re flipping the perception of milk paint on its head! Introducing Milk Paint by Fusion – a new line of curated mix-and-go shades designed to bring an instant boost of colour to your space. Milk paint, made modern. Let us show you all the possibilities that Milk Paint has to offer, and change some of those preconceived notions you have about milk paint.

You could say we are passionate about milk paint – and for good reason. It’s at the very core of what we do and how we got our start 30 years ago. Since then, our recipe has remained unchanged – the same extra fine pigments and raw ingredients. This has been a total game changer for such a historical product – and it’s now easier than ever to mix-and-go, and get that ultra-durable finish milk paint is known for.
It’s easier than making your morning Shake!

Using our Milk Paint is simpler than making your morning protein shake – just add water and stir. It's that easy!
So, are you ready to whip up a batch of Milk Paint?

Timeless Benefits, Modern Formula

They say good things take time, right? We took our time with Milk Paint. In fact, we’ve been perfecting our formula for years. Let’s take a step back. Here’s a little history lesson: milk paint is ancient. Like, King Tut ancient. Milk paint has stood the test of time, and for good reason. But even the best things need a refresh, and that’s what we’ve done with Milk Paint. Who better to tackle this than Fusion? Our family has been in this business for over three decades – paint is truly our passion.

We’ve refined the formula to make it easier than ever to get a smooth and ultra-durable finish. We’ve created a signature blend of finely ground pigments and raw ingredients.

Looking for that authentic, distressed look? You can do that with our Milk Paint. Prefer a smooth, modern aesthetic? We’ve got you. Add your twist and make it your own. The possibilities are truly endless!

Milk Paint is one of the best kept secrets, and now we’re sharing all the amazing benefits with you:

  • Just add water – it’s that easy! Just mix-and go

  • Zero VOC – not low VOC, zero VOC. Our formula is safe for anyone to use.

  • Novice or pro – whether you’re a first-time painter, or a seasoned pro, you’ve got this.

  • 30 minutes to cure – it’s the fastest drying paint on the market. Our Milk Paint cures in less time than it takes to stream an episode of your favourite show. Your time is precious, so go ahead and get your top coat ready.

  • Planet-friendly – our Milk Paint lasts forever, just mix the amount you want to use and save the rest for your next project.

* Milk Paint does its best to display accurate colours online, but the however on-screen colour representations vary from actual paint colours. It is simply a computer representation of the paint colour to help give you an idea of the colour. Every single computer monitor will display these colours differently.

** Milk Paint is crafted by hand in small batches using natural ingredients, natural colour variations may occur. If you are painting a larger project and requiring more than 1 package, we recommend mixing the powder together in a larger container in case of any batch variation. As always, be sure to consistently stir and mix while using the paint to maintain colour accuracy.

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