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Creating a Farmhouse Island

This table had lovely bones. I loved the legs and it was the perfect width for an island. I wanted to transform the piece but still make it versatile.

My first thought for this transformation was to put wheels on it so that it would be high enough to put stools under. So I went to Bunnings and picked up some lovely little wheels that came in a pack of two. I didn't want to try attaching the wheels after I'd painted it as I worried the paint might get

damaged in the process. So I added the wheels first. These wheels had inserts that the wheels would go into, so I turned the table over and drilled holes into each of the table legs, this was really a process of trail and error.

I decided not to force them all the way in, as I wanted the table to be relatively high so someone could comfortably cook and chop etc on it.

Next I had to decide what colour I wanted the table to be. I knew I wanted it to be antique white but I wanted to break up the white with some distressing, cracked paint and something else. I toyed with the idea of making the top black or the legs but couldn't decide until I spotted my little vintage ramekins and then I was sold.

I had some dark blue paint so I decided to paint the edge of the table and use black underneath to show through any distressing. I covered the wheels with masking tape and then coated the table with 2 coats of white chalk paint (Dixie Belle's Cotton is the perfect bright white for this).

Next I painted the table with antique white and then picked the places I wanted to distress. I tried to focus on the areas where paint would naturally wear e.g. inside the legs where stools might rub and near the edges of the table. I painted those areas in black.

When the paint was dry I used candle wax in places so the paint wouldn't adhere perfectly and I'd be able to rub it off later. I left the larger black areas free of wax as I was going to do the crackle effect. I worked my way around the table painting over the black in antique white.

For the black sections I'd left free of wax Dixie Belle's Crackle can be used and then when it's dry, paint applied over the top. Cracks appear with the black showing through.

Next I painted the edge of the table in the dark blue (Dixie Belle's 'Bunker Hill Blue' would work perfectly for this. This took 2 coats.

Finally I sealed the piece with Polyacrylic Satin Finish (Dixie Belle's Satin Clear Coat would be best).

When the finish was dry I removed the masking tape from the wheels.

I dressed this table as an island with black metal stools but it could be used as a side table, sofa table or anything really.

The wheels can be removed so it really is a versatile piece. I'd definitely do another piece like this in the future.

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