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Rustic Bucket Makeover

It's amazing what Dixie Belle products can do. This bucket started out incredibly plain and in a matter of hours was a lovely rustic piece that looked like it had been in the weather for years.

Read on to find out how I achieved this transformation below.


White Lightening, Scrubby Sponge, Chux, Mister with water

Juniper & Cashmere Limited Edition Chalk Mineral Paint (Custom mix of equal parts)

Drop Cloth Chalk Mineral Paint

Small Artist Brushes

Clear and Brown Best Dang Wax


I started by cleaning the bucket well with White Lightening (1 tbsp to 1 litre of warm water) and a scrubby sponge. I then used my mister with plain water and a clean chux to clean the residue off.

Next I used Dixie Belle's Slick Stick as this was a metal surface. I applied the Slick Stick with a chip brush and dabbed it on to create even more texture and to ensure my paint had a good surface to adhere too. I applied one coat in the morning and another that afternoon. It's important to give the product enough time to work so you have a surface ready to paint.


The next day I used my custom mix of Juniper and Cashmere (equal parts of each colour) that I used on my previous Side Table project to paint the bucket. I used my Dixie Belle Oval Small for this and applied 1 coat.

I then used my Blue Sponge to dab on Dixie Belle's Drop Cloth CMP. I wanted the green to show through in sections so I wasn't too heavy with the application.

Applying a transfer

Next, I selected the parts of the Vintage Floral Transfer by Dixie Belle that I wanted to add. I wanted to go for a botanical feel on this piece.

I selected 5 designs and for 1 of them I had to seperate the text from the flower so I could position it better on my bucket.

When I was happy with the layout, I worked on one design at a time. I peeled the white backing off and then pressed the plastic down on the bucket with the design facing down. I then used my transfer stick to burnish (rub) the plastic to transfer the design. As I rubbed I pulled the plastic back until the entire design was transferred and the plastic was clear.


Next I used my Best Dang Brush with Clear Best Dang Wax to seal the transfer and the entire piece. I then applied Brown Best Dang Wax with my La Petite Brush to age and the piece. I used an Applicator Pad to blend the wax and remove any excess.

Using Dixie Belle Patina Range:

I picked Dixie Belle's Iron Patina Paint for this project as it gives a rusted look when used with the Green Patina Spray. If you're using this range on a metal piece of furniture I suggest using Dixie Belle's Prime Start to ensure the corrosion doesn't compromise the integrity of the piece. I didn't use it in this case as this is a decor item and will get light use.

I stirred my Patina Paint well before use to make sure all the metals

inside were well mixed. I then applied the Iron Patina Paint with an artist brush ( I don't recommend using your best brushes for this) in certain areas that I thought rust might appear over time (edges, bottom and handles etc). I let that first coat dry (about 30 minutes).

For the next step you'll need to have your Green Patina Spray Ready to go. I shook the spray well and then poured a small amount out into a plastic container. I used a brush for the application as I only wanted the rust in certain areas and you have very little control over where it goes if you use the spray attachment. Be careful not to get this on any nearby metal and to have the lid on your patina paint so it doesn't activate in the jar.

I added another coat of Iron Patina Paint and while that coat was still wet I added the Green Patina Spray with a clean artist brush. The reaction will not be immediate, it usually takes several hours for the rust to start to show. I used a baby wipe for any drips I didn't want. I worked in sections for this part as the patina paint needs to be wet to react with the green Patina Spray. I suggest cleaning your container and brushes outside as you shouldn't put this down your household drain.

I then let that dry and do it's thing. When I came back several hours later it had rusted beautifully. If you like how it looks and want it to stay the same you can use one of Dixie Belle's Clear Coats to seal it, otherwise it will gradually change over time like real patina.

What do you think of the final look? Is it something you might try? You can get everything you need here on our website (see the list of materials at the top for links) or if you have any questions feel free to contact us on our Facebook or Instagram Pages (@theprovincialfarmhouse) or email us at:

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