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Chameleon Wax 'Apricot'

Chameleon Wax 'Apricot'

Dixie Belle Paint Chameleon Wax Chameleon Wax Apricot - 1.3oz (40ml)
2in W x 2 5/8in H x 2in D

Illuminate your pieces with an iridescent glow. Chameleon wax is a sheer and stunning wax used to bring out the natural highlight of your project. Chameleon Wax comes in 3 colors; Cactus, Lilac and Apricot. This dazzling oil-based product is set to make any piece glow.

Available in three colors: Lilac, Apricot, Cactus:

Cactus: Lively and bright, this color is as sharp and spectacular as a wild cactus. This vibrant green brings elegance and shine to a piece destined for a new life.

Lilac: Reminiscent of the woodland flower, the Lilac Chameleon Wax is delicate and iridescent. You'll love this wax for adding a petal-like glow to your projects!

Apricot: Delightfully luminous, the Apricot Chameleon Wax is fruity and warm. Give your projects a sun-kissed glow!

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