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Dixie Belle ‘Clean As A Whistle’ Brush Cleaner

Dixie Belle ‘Clean As A Whistle’ Brush Cleaner

Clean as a Whistle' is a brush cleaner and conditioner that removes build-up and dried paint from brushes.

This product is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, no VOC, biodegradable, and non-flammable.

How to use:

1. First, clean the brush with water to remove any paint.

2. Use 50% water and 50% 'Clean as a Whistle' for use on brushes with regular build-up paint and product. Pu hard brushes that have heavy build-up in the full concentrate of solution.

3. Swish paintbrushes in the solution until the paint is loosened. Allow hard bristles to soak.

4. Wash with soap and water and then reshape and allow to air dry.

Please note: must be used in a chemical-resistant plastic, glass, or ceramic container


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